My Biggest Failure as a Creator.

Real talk. I have done many things as a dungeon master that I am incredibly proud of. From being the person who introduced D&D to everyone in their group (including the DM!), to organising (allegedly) the largest gaming group in the Newcastle area, to running a fantastic game with 15 players in what is (I think) the largest game of ICRPG ever played. The whole of Talomire, the growth of my cartography, helping my wife run her first D&D game, playing online with Hankerin Ferinale, and I could go on and on. But, my question to you, which of these things do you think I reflect on the most?

Answer: My complete failure to convert on Patreon.


So…what happened?

Patreon is a strange animal. It seems to be a platform that creators direct their audiences to as a form of third party income. It seemed to me that Patreon would pretty much look after itself, that as long as I continued to put out content then it would be fine.  In reality this isn’t true. Patreon is a social experience, one that needs to be run as intimately as an Instagram account, or a Facebook group.

In time, and after simply forgetting to post anything to my Patreon, I had dropped from $30 a month to $3. I had ignored the people paying me to hone my craft, and they had responded by leaving. To those people, I really am sorry.

So, why am I bringing this up on a D&D blog? Well, I think it’s important to own your mistakes, and be honest about them. By putting these failures into words I feel it gives us a chance to own them and learn from them. That’s my hope, anyway.

That’s about all, really. My time in Patreon has taught me a lot, and I’m in the process of adapting it to fit how I work. It’s been a catastrophic failure, but it’s one I think I can rise from. So maybe that’s it; success is just failing till you don’t fail.

It’s late, and I’ve been staring at a screen for almost fourteen hours at this point. I’m gonna go to bed.


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