…So What’s Talomire Then?

In my last couple of blogs (and almost any Instagram post I’ve made in a while) I’ve mentioned something called Talomire. So…what is it?


Talomire as it is at the moment – a work in progress.

Talomire is the first part of campaign setting I’m currently working on in my spare time, and hope to debut (both in my home game, and on DMs Guild) in the near future. Conceptually Talomire is a nation in low fantasy world, based around medieval England. It’s a country in which the church (known as the Verrum Ecclisia) is tremendously powerful, with a huge amount of sway over everyday life. The king is the supreme authority in the realm, his closest advisors taking his words and ensuring that they are enforced at a local level.

Humanity holds dominion, making up 89% of the population, and views itself as superior in every way. Other races are either driven to the outskirts of society, have left for their own, native, lands, or are treated as nothing more than livestock. Elves, for example, were once the rulers of the island until humanity invaded from the south around six hundred years before the present day. Now they live in isolation, or in the capital city in the south, hounded and mocked at best and hunted, tortured, then killed at worst. Gnomes are farmed as livestock, bred, milked and slaughtered to feed to upper echelon of Talomirian society. Everywhere in this place, racism and intolerance are the order of the day.

The idea for Talomire came out of listening to the biography of Gary Gygax, creator of D&D (which can be found here), and the stories of the game as it was played in the ’70s and ’80s. I started writing an AD&D style adventure, filled with classic enemies, and house ruled to enough to give a sense of danger and threat to even the most simple of fights. Out of this grew a dark, brooding world in which there are no good guys, only shades of grey. Finally, the Dungeon Crawl Classics magic rules are something I’ve wanted to put into my game for as long as I’ve known about them. This setting is one in which magic is seen as evil, and magic users are dangerous recluses for whom their ‘art’ is as dangerous to them as it is to others. My home-brewed DCC rules, classes, as well as updates on each facet of society, and each region, should follow in the next few weeks, along with a few short stories aimed at bringing certain NPCs, and the world as a whole, to life.

If you’re interested in knowing more, or being a part of the playtesting, hit me up! The more people I have contributing to this project, the better it will be in the end.



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